Embracing Islam

Are you curious about Islam or new to the religion?


Embracing a new religion involves the entanglement of many personal and spiritual factors. ICCNC offers one-on-one consultation, guidance, and assistance by experienced, trained staff for all those curious about or new to Islam. We are here to help facilitate understanding and appreciation of the rites, rituals, and beliefs of Islam in a manner that is inclusive and holistic.

ICCNC can also provide you with a certification indicating that you have embraced Islam according to Islamic religious laws and procedures. To this effect, the convert recites the following testimony, known as the shahādah, containing two key canonical statements of faith, before a witness.


The shahādah as transliterated in English:

“ASH-Hadu An La Elaha Illa-Allah Wa Ashhadu Anna Mohammadan Rasul-Allah.”

The English translation:

“I bear witness that there is no deity, but God, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God”

One photo ID is required. There is no fee for this service, however donations are always welcomed.

We welcome all those interested in learning more about Islam!

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