Funeral Services


Islam, as a comprehensive mode of existence, addresses both life and death. Death in Islam is not an end, but a passage where we are led from the terrestrial world to the hereafter. Our deeds in this life have a direct bearing on our experience in the one that follows. Preparation for this passage is hence, a lifetime’s work, and believers are strongly obliged to take this task seriously. While death’s inevitability is something we often tend to ignore, it is a truth that will need to be dealt with eventually.

ICCNC has purchased burial sites at Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward, California in the Muslim Section.  The burial sites are for sale to the Community.  You can also purchase the sites in advance and by financing your purchase through ICCNC. The Center provides complete funeral services.

Islamic Burial: The Center provides services for Islamic burial. This includes:

  • Proper Islamic preparation of the body (Ghossl Mayyet)

  • Wrapping the body in Islamic burial garment (Kafan)

  • Reciting the required Zekr, and

  • Performing the ritual prayer for the dead.

The funeral service also includes providing a speaker, live Quranic recitation, serving refreshments, and other needed services. If you wish to serve dinner after the service you may rent our banquet hall. Maximum capacity is up to 500 people.