Sarbong, An Evening with Music and Poetry


ICCNC: abolhassan-mokhtabad-sarbangSarbong is An Evening with music and poetry That by Abolhassan Mokhtabad Researcher in historical Iranian music and journalist of art and culture Will be held the fourth Saturday of every month. Research presentations with sound and live performance resent the example of the great works of music history.

Introducing the leading figures in the music of the region along with an analysis of the some of the most popular songs from the North Khorasan area and an audio sample of famous melodies. North Khorasan music provides a footprint for four areas of typical music:  traditional, orchestral, pops, and works by composers from other countries. The newest pieces of Persian music albums in Iran will also be introduced, along with a live performance, description, and analysis of the old A Tasnif.

Researcher and Lecturer (Speech in Farsi):

Sarbang last event: Analyzing Five Centuries of Iranian Music with a Discussion on Interactive Musical Instruction