We Are the Bridge:Third Biennial Interfaith Art Exhibition in ICCNC

Iccnc:“We Are the Bridge” Third Biennial Interfaith Art Exhibit, May 2- June 30, 2015.

That was an exhibition of local and national artists coming together to showcase compelling works around the
the theme of“We Are the Bridge” while furthering interfaith understanding and respect.
 This exhibition symbolizes our commitment to the arts and interfaith relationship building. The opening reception of the exhibition was participated by over 250 people and over 300 people visited during the course of the exhibition.
Our 2015 exhibit builds on the success of an inaugural interfaith art exhibition in Fall 2011 called “DiverseVisions of Harmony”, and a second one called“Finding Common Ground through Sacred Words,”
in May 2013. From the 2011 exhibit to 2013 one, we had increased the number of artists and artwork represented, from 40 artists to 100 (a 150% increase). The number of artworks increased as well, and in 2015 we plan to again feature a range of art modalities and artists representing many faith traditions. A third exhibition has been in demand by our constituents and faith organizations due to its strong attendance and satisfaction ratings.