Muslim People Helping Friends in Oakland:The Family and Parents of Warehouse Fire Victim


ICCNC: Statement of Condolences from the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California for the victims of the Oakland Warehouse Fire: The fire that broke out at the warehouse on 31st Avenue in Oakland late at night on Friday, December 2nd and claimed the lives of 36 Oakland residents was a bitter, heart-rending tragedy. Many families that were preparing for a happy and joyous holiday season for themselves and their children must instead mourn the loss of their loved ones.

We have learned that in this tragedy some of the victims were young artists of limited means which makes the sorrow that we feel from this occurrence all the more. In addition, those responsible from the city and the state have been admonished to pay closer attention to safety in these kinds of spaces and to not allow large and crowded events to be held in such unsafe places.

The Oakland Fire: Delving Into What Happened, and Why

This incident has made a more important problem apparent, that is focusing on providing appropriate spaces for residents, especially youth, who are involved in artistic activities but for whom spaces for such activities are not available. The city's facilities have not been organized in a way to be able to distribute them in accordance to the needs of people from different classes with varying incomes.

In addition to offering its condolences to the families of those who lost their lives, The Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California intends to devote a part of the ceremony on December 17 honoring the birth of the Prophet of Islam to this tragic incident in a moment of silence for their memory and to join in their grief. We will also ask those present to make a monetary donation to the families and on our website and on social media we plan to take up a modest collection for the families that were affected because we believe that we are all Americans and during times of difficulty we must stand side by side.