The Project of Islamic Groups’ Sleeping Bags for Californian Homeless


ICCNC: Every year and with the arrival of winter the crisis of homeless people in California resonates long.  The state of California is one of the major regions in the U.S., which encounters numerous homeless.  Especially in the winter, these people need basic facilities to protect themselves from the cold. For example, last winter four homeless people due to lack of shelter or even basic necessities such as sleeping bags were frozen to death in San Jose, California.  Similar events happened in different regions in California that caused anguish and pain for all of us, the humans, who could feel their pain…

For this reason, ICCNC along with other Islamic Centers in the area such as Saba Center (SJ), IMI(Imamia Medics International). (For more information about IMI Northern California/Bay Area, please

and Bonyad Towhid (Campbell), an Islamic mosque in Sacramento area, have decided to do their part to alleviate these sufferings! We have therefore purchased 1,000 sleeping bags and will distribute them among the homeless in most major cities with the help of our volunteers.

If you wish to help us financially and/or physically in distributing the Sleeping Bags, kindly contact Hormoz Mogarei at

Photos Show That 150 sleeping bags have been distributed in Sacramento on Saturday and Sunday last week.