Mr. Bazargan’s Interpretation (Hermeneutics) of the Quran Sessions at ICCNC

ICCNC: There will be interpretation sessions of the Quran by Mr. Bazargan the second Saturday of every other month. According to ICCNC report, Mr. Bazargan will turn his already scattered sessions of interpretation of the Quran into a regular discourse on the second Saturday of every two months.

The central theme of Mr. Bazargan’s lectures is focused on the ethical measures, emphasized in the Quran and can be found in the character and discourses of the Prophet of Islam and the innocent imams.

Abdolali Bazargan is the son of Mohandes Bazargan—one of the major figures of Quranic thoughts and a religious pioneer.  Abdolali Bazargan has devoted his understanding of Islam to the Quran.  He believes the Quran is the certain document and we can’t reduce its interpretation to presumptive resources.

On this basis, he believes it is strange that those who are considered religious theologians ignore the text of the Quran, which is the pillar of the Islam, and resort to dubious narrations and stories which were written centuries after the Prophet, gathered from oral transmission of human fallible memories.


Given the existent confusion in narrating this stories, Bazargan regrets that we have subordinated the original and certain document of the Quran to these dubious narrations.  He believes that following masses of these fictitious narrations is responsible for violations of human rights, suppression of women, propagating and promoting violence and terrorism, and degrading Islam.

Mr. Bazargan’s interpretations of the Quran has published in multiple volumes, and their textual and auditory translation and interpretation of the Quran is available online.

Recently, his interpretation of the 30th part of the Quran has been translated into English and Dr. Hamid Mavani is the editor of this English translation.  You can purchase Bazargan’s 30th part of the Quran from Amazon and also ICCNC bookstore.