Instruction, Analysis, and Discussion on Iranian Music

ICCNC: The Iranian and Middle East Classical Music Institute Presents. Sarbong Music Classes: Instruction, Investigation, and Discussion of the Origin of the Cultural Sphere of Iranian Music

Sarbong series held on  in both Persian and English the last Saturday of each month 4:00-6:00 pm at ICCNC

Music Classes at ICCNC: Weekly musical instruction of a variety of instruments for children, teenagers, and the elderly.

1. Becoming familiar with music of the Iranian Plateau, presented by Abolhassan Mokhtabad

2. Becoming familiar with traditional and classical Iranian musical instruments, presented by Sirvan Manhoobi

3. Learning and singing famous pieces of Iranian music in a group setting with the participation of musicians and the audience


Would you like to learn about vocal ranges and tempos?

Would you like to learn the history of Iranian music and poetry?

Would you like to expand your knowledge of classical Iranian music and the various types and styles of music?

Would you like to become familiar with, learn, and sing classic Iranian compositions?

Would you like to know how the most popular regional songs were written and what they were based on?

Would you like a comprehensive yet simple and approachable introduction to Iranian musical instruments?

Would you like to grow, develop, and mature your singing voice?

Have you been waiting for the day when you will perform your own compositions?

Don’t miss out on the Sarbong series held on the last Saturday of each month 4:00-6:00 pm at ICCNC.

Classes are presented in both Persian and English.

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