ICCNC's Board Members Met with California Assemblyman Rob Bonta


ICCNC: On Thursday, May 4, 2017, representatives of #ICCNC's Board of Directors, Ali Sheikholeslami and Payman Amiri met with California #Assemblyman Rob Bonta, Democrat, representing District 18 (Oakland and Alameda). Board members gave an oral presentation on the history, present activities, goal, mission and vision of the center.

They emphasized that ICCNC is an inclusive progressive Islamic center that has a long history of interfaith work. The Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California: Sleeping Bag Distribution

It was emphasized that  ICCNC congregation are very concerned with the income inequality, lack of medical and mental support, and the lack of affordable housing for a large number of people in Oakland and the Bay Area.

Assemblyman Bonta appreciated ICCNC’s position on social justice and social service and was glad to find out that we provide our services to all. Reporting and pictures from BBC: The Notes Against The Ban concert at ICCNC

He also mentioned the State of California is fighting hard to combat the non-inclusive policies of President Trump’s administration.

At the end, he hoped that this is first of many visits to ICCNC.

Board members invited him to the Islamophobia lecture on Sunday, May 7 as well as the Ramadan Open House on Saturday, June 3, 2017.