Music Classes at ICCNC

ICCNC: The music section of ICCNC’s education department together with The Iranian and the Middle East Classical Music Institute plan to offer two types of classes: 1. A series of monthly Sarbong meetings to teach and discuss the music and instruments of Iran on the fourth Saturday of each month from four o’clock until six o’clock pm.

2. Weekly musical instruction of a variety of instruments for children, teenagers, and the elderly.

Anybody interested in learning to play an instrument, especially children, nd teenagers, can contact ICCNC and check the website for information on registering. Once enough students have registered for a given class, the schedule will be planned and starting dates will be sent to anyone who registered.

The classes to be offered are as follows:

- Singing, Composition, and Lyricism with Voice Instruction- Taught by  Abolhassan Mokhtabad

- Tar, Oud, Setar, Tanbur, Music Theory and Solfege in Iranian Music- Taught by Sirvan Manhoobi

- Daf and Percussion Instruments- Taught by Amir Abbas Etemadzadeh

- Santur- Taught by Faraz Minooei

- Setar- Taught by Amir Noozhan

- Kamancheh and Violin- Taught by Aydin Kiyast

- Piano- TBA

- Classical Guitar- TBA

- More information about these programs will be made available on the ICCNC website in addition to the newsletter, Telegram, and social media.

Those interested in more information can reach us by phone or email: