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Letter sent to ICCNC members on February 1, 2019

As-salamu 'alaykum (with greetings of peace),

As you are aware, we have recently launched a brand new website that will allow our organization to scale and support the growing community.

Now that our new website has been launched, we plan to increase marketing efforts to attract prospective rental customers, such as companies looking to host corporate town hall meetings. We will also use the site to collect RSVPs and event fees electronically.

This is one step we are taking, to ʾIn shāʾa llāh, reduce our reliance on a big year-end fundraising push.

Our new website has inspired many of you already, and thank you for providing your valuable feedback. A common request from many of you has been to add an "Islamic Knowledge Center" with links to websites containing authentic and reliable information about Islam. We have already taken steps to begin planning for this powerful feature.

One of our community members was inspired so much that they've offered to triple your donation if you use this special link.

The first $5,000 donated through this link will be matched with an extra $15,000 to apply towards the ongoing development of our website, its maintenance, servers and other services required to expand and run our digital platform.

This is a big opportunity for all of us, Alhamdulillah.

Peace, Love & Blessings,

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We are an independent, non-profit, community-based organization. ICCNC provides a dynamic space that cultivates an exchange of ideas about Islam through art, culture, and education programs.

Our vision is to achieve a more compassionate and just society by giving a contemporary voice to diverse perspectives of Islam.


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We organize, host and support hundreds of Art & Culture programs at our Center and around the Bay Area.


Andeesheh Farsi School

Farsi Language, Islamic and Persian Culture, and Ethics. Every Saturday.


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We are committed to providing valuable, popular, and in-demand services to our Community.


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Friday Prayer (Jumu’ah) at 1PM

Every Friday at 1:00 PM, ICCNC holds group Jumu’ah Prayer and Khutba. Group prayer is open to the public and walk-ins are welcome.

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